Blue Plaque Scheme

2A blue plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person or event, serving as an historical marker.

The world's first blue plaques were erected in London, in the nineteenth century to mark the homes and workplaces of famous people. This original scheme still survives today and is administered by English Heritage.

On February 8th 2012, Worcester Civic Society unveiled the first blue plaque in the city of Worcester, with further plans to erect two or three plaques each year to commemorate eminent people who have had an association with the city.

Pictured right: Deputy Mayor Roger Berry oversees the unveiling of the the first blue plaque in the city of Worcester by Mr Bowen James.


Blue Plaque No. 1

Unveiled: February 8th 2012
Diglis House Hotel, Severn Street, Worcester.
To Commemorate: Benjamin Williams Leader (1831 – 1923)

Influential landscape artist who was educated at Worcester Royal Grammar School, and studied art at the Worcester School of Design. His family eventually came to reside at "Diglis House", where he lived for several years.




Blue Plaque No. 2

Unveiled: June 22nd 2013
Alice Ottley School, The Tything, Worcester.
To Commemorate: Alice Ottley (1840 – 1912)

Educational Pioneer and first Headmistress of the Worcester High School for Girls which was founded in 1883. Alice Ottley remained Headmistress until 1912 and died the same year.




Blue Plaque No. 3

Unveiled: October 23rd 2013
Royal Grammar School, The Tything, Worcester.
To Commemorate: Godfrey Brown (1915 – 1995)

Headmaster of the Royal Grammar School. Gold medal winner in the 4 x 400 yds relay and silver medal winner in the 400 yds individual race at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.




Blue Plaque No. 4

Unveiled: August 17th 2014
Worcestershire County Cricket ground, New Road, Worcester.
To Commemorate: R.E "Tip" Foster (1878 – 1914)

English cricketer and football player. The only man to have captained England at both sports. Born in Malvern he was one of 7 brothers who all played cricket for Malvern and Worcestershire.




Blue Plaque No. 5

Unveiled: October 19th 2014
St Paul’s Church, St Paul’s Street, Worcester.
To Commemorate: Revd. Geoffrey A. Studdert Kennedy (1883 – 1929)

Vicar of the parish of St Pauls prior to becoming a noted World War I chaplain nicknamed 'Woodbine Willie' for giving Woodbine cigarettes along with spiritual aid to injured and dying soldiers.